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Senggigi Beach is located North of Bangsal, belongs to the most scenic and most popular beaches on the island of Lombok with good accommodation facilities. Coral gardens grow in the sea just off shore. Senggigi is maybe Lombok's equivalent to Bali's Kuta Beach, but is in many ways totally different.

It's far more quiet and peaceful, the nightlife here is also more limited. The place is located north of Mataram and not far from the airport, many tourists prefer to stay here the first days before they explore the rest of the island, but you can also use Senggigi as your permanent base.

Senggigi is clearly the most developed tourist area on Lombok, but stretches over a wide area and is still not overdeveloped. There are some large, expensive hotels here, but you can also find accommodation of a more simple standard.

The number of restaurants have also increased in the last few years, but there is still some time before Lombok can compete with Bali. It is recommended to enjoy the sunset from a restaurant by the beach, the nightlife is not as varied as on Bali, but there are some pubs and nightclubs with live music.

To explore the area outside Senggigi it is a good idea to rent a car with or without a driver. Taxi is also cheap, but don't trust them to come back to pick you up in remote areas, if they get a better deal they tend to "forget" you. If you visit remote areas keep the car the whole day as it can save you a lot of trouble getting back to the hotel. Motorbikes are dangerous, a lot of tourists have accidents here every year, make sure your travel insurance is valid and drive at your own risk. Except for some Hindu temples and the beach there are not so many attractions here, but as a base for exploring Lombok and for rest and recreation it is an excellent place. Senggigi Beach is a few kilometer long, and good for swimming and snorkeling.

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It's possible to arrange diving trips to the Gili islands or a trek to the top of Gunung Rinjani from here, but to a much higher price than you have to pay if you go on your own. The view towards Bali and Gunung Agung while hundreds of colorful fishing vessels come back from fishing early in the morning is an unforgettable sight, and the sunsets are as beautiful as sunsets come. North of Senggigi is another beautiful coastal area with a few hotels and lovely view towards the Gili islands and Bali.

The tourism here went downhill after the political turmoil in Indonesia since 1998and the terrorist attacks in New York in 2001 and Bali in 2002 didn't help either. But people usually forget unpleasant things quite quickly and now tourism is returning to Lombok. It should be relatively easy to get a hotel room here without booking in advance, at least in the low season.

This is a village of weavers south of Cakranegara. Lombok is known for its brightly patterned songket cloth, people have been making it on their handlooms for many generations.

Senggigi is the most developed area for tourists on Lombok. You can find a variety of restaurants, bars, discotheques, travel agents, photo processors, money changers, souvenir shop and a range of accommodations starting from budget guest house to 5 star hotels. Restaurants and small cafes line the colorful main beach road. Swimming off the beach is safe. Most visitors to Lombok usually start their stay at Senggigi, Lombok's most famous resort area. Private villas, boutique hotels giving more options to the visitors of Lombok

The town of Senggigi spreads out along nearly 10 kilometers of coastal road. This road continues north to Bangsal, port for the Gili Islands. Along the way be in store for winding turns, steep hills, and a fantastic scenery of the coast.

Coming from the airport, taxi service is available at the counter desk of the arrival gate. Fares are fixed. Coming from Lembar harbour, you can pre-order a metered taxi service (Lombok Taxi tel: 627000 or Lendang Express Taxi tel: 644444).

There are plenty of activities you can do to compliment your holiday. Sightseeing or touring organized by reputable local tour operators is the best option to discover what Lombok has to offer. Renting a car or motor cycle is also good alternative to get around, either self-driving, or with a driver so you can relax and enjoy the view. Car rental in Lombok is more expensive than Bali. Tip the driver pocket money for meals if you stop for lunch or diner. If you are pleased with the service, tip the driver or local guide at the end of your tour.

Self drive cars are available in Senggigi and Mataram. You must have a valid Tourist, Indonesian or International Driving License. Test drive the car before paying in advance. Take the Insurance coverage for vehicle damages. Book a car through a reputable Car rental which includes insurance coverage in the price. .

Senggigi Post Office is located on the main street of Senggigi, opposite Pamour Art & Antique shop. Health Centre or Puskesmas is located near the Hotel Puri Saron. A Drugstore or Apotik is available next to the gate of the Intan Lombok Hotel. Dentist is available at Meninting Puskesmas 10 minutes drive from Senggigi in the direction of the airport.

Bank BNI is open during office hours 5 days a week located near the Post Office. ATM's (Automatic Teller Machine) are easy to find. ATM BCA, ATM BNI, ATM Mandiri are available, you can use your credit card and withdraw local currency IDR (Rupiah).

The Police station is located in Senggigi Art Market, near The Sheraton Senggigi Beach Resort. Telephone Service (Wartel) is available near the Melati Dua Hotel. Internet Cafes - Millenium Internet (opposite Papaya Restaurant) and Star Internet Service located in Senggigi Plaza with dedicated broadband speed at reasonable rates. Cellular phone in Indonesia is GSM and CDMA. If you have brought your cellular handphone, you can purchase prepaid calling cards to make outgoing calls at lower cost than calling on your home SIM. Many shops sell these prepaid cards. Major service providers are: Telkomsel, Satelindo and XL Ritel. Look for signs and banners with those markings.

Money changers are available at almost in every corner of Senggigi. Double count your money before leaving the money changers to get the accurate amount. Hotel reception also changes foreign money with lower rates.

Mini markets are located next to Bank BNI and near the Papaya Cafe.

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